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Volume 1 No 1 2005

Extension Farming Systems Journal

Volume 1 - 2005

Pages Articles
i - iv Contents
Research Forum
1 Claus Deblitz, AA Charry and KA Parton
Farming systems across the world: an expert assessment from an international co-operative research project (IFCN)
15 Rob Finlay, J Crockett and DR Kemp
Understanding land managers attitudes using focus groups
25 Zelma Bone
Farmers and learning: a critical interpretive analysis of the value perceptions of  education and complementary factors to success
37 Bill Malcolm and C Grainger
Implications of changing a Friesian dairy system to a Friesian-Jersey crossbred dairy system
47 Ross Wilson, AA Charry and DR Kemp
Performance indicators and benchmarking in Australian Agriculture: synthesis and perspectives
Industry Forum
59 Tim Wiley and B Wilson
Fitting perennial pastures into an annual farming system: the case of the Western Midlands of Western Australia
65 Sara Mahoney and AA Charry
The use of alpacas as newborn lamb protectors to minimise fox predation
71 David George, JF Clewett, D Buckley, IJ Partridge and C Birch
Assessing climate risk to improve farm business management
79 Janice Toner
Property rights: an analysis of their implications for understanding land rights in Australia
85 Penny Scott
Making decisions in agriculture: the conflict between extension and adoption

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