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Charles Sturt University

Volume 9 No 2

AFBM Journal

Volume 9 Number 2 - 2012

i-iv Contents
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1-12 RA Villano, EM Fleming and PAA Fleming
Variations in regional productivity in Australian wool production
13-26 Michael J Robertson, David J Pannell and Morteza Chalak
Whole-farm models: a review of recent approaches
27-35 Alexandria Sinnett, William Dalton, Kristen M Pitt and Mark O Downey
Economic analysis of early ripening system for table grapes
37-55 C Lewis, B Malcolm, R Farquharson, B Leury, R Behrendt and S Clark
Economic analysis of improved perennial pasture systems
57-69 GJ Slaughter and S Mulo
Strategies for investment in the Australian macadamia industry: Development and evaluation of an objective investment appraisal software model
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