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Volume 7 No 2 2010

AFBM Journal

Volume 7 Number 2 - 2010

Pages Article
i-iv Contents
1 R Herd, J Accioly, P Arthur, K Copping, M Deland, K Donoghue, N Edwards, J Graham, M Hebart, F Jones, M Laurence, S Lee, P Parnell, W Pitchford and J Speijers
Cow maternal efficiency: "Giving the girls some credit"
PF Arthur, RM Herd and JA Basarab
The role of cattle genetically efficient in feed utilisation in an Australian carbon trading environment
SA Barwick
Lifting beef industry productivity through genetic improvement - progress and challenges in a changing climate


T Andrews, D Llewelyn and L Davies
Gross margins for NSW beef enterprises from 1999-2010

BJ Walmsley, VH Oddy, MJ McPhee, DG Mayer and WA McKiernan
BeefSpecs a tool for the future: On-farm drafting and optimising feedlot profitability
37 G Casburn
The profitability of a lamb meat system is greatly influenced by lambing time
S Love
Worms - what's new: some recent developments in worm control in ruminants and camelids
G Casburn
Sheep enterprises and their ability to service existing debt levels when faced with the continuation of drought feeding for 12 or 24 weeks
S Hatcher, GN Hinch, RJ Kilgour, PJ Holst, PG Refshauge and CG Shands
Lamb survival - balancing genetics, selection and management
T Andrews
Climate change impacts on northern NSW beef producers
MJ McPhee, C Edwards, J Meckiff, N Ballie, D Schneider, P Arnott, A Cowie, D Savage,D Lamb, C Guppy, B McCorkell and R Hegarty
Estimating on-farm methane emissions for sheep production on the Northern Tablelands: establishment of demonstration site

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