Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Volume 7 No 1 2010

AFBM Journal

Volume 7 Number 1 - 2010

Pages Article
i-iv Contents
1 SA Khairo, MR Norton, D Garden, P Graham, C Langford, P Armstrong and Brassil
The profitability of wool production after surface application of lime and superphosphate on acid soils
11 M Painter
Equity financing and investment opportunities in Canadian primary agriculture

J Sappey, Z Bone and R Duncan
The aged care industry in regional Australia: will it cope with the tsunami to come?


J Mason, I Blackwood and B Kilgour
Dealing with RSPCA cases

33 P Graham and A White
Sheep enterprises - what are the differences?
43 C Thomas
The introduction of a carbon price and the use of agrichar in the sugarcane industry
57 M Filmer
Book review: P Gissing A History of Orange Agricultural College

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