Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Volume 4 No 1 2007

AFBM Journal

Volume 4 Number 1&2 - 2007

Pages Article
1 Contents
1 - 13 Marvin J Painter
The impact of management skills on farm income in Canada
14 - 21 Nam C Nguyen, M Wegener and I Russell
Decision support systems in Australian agriculture: state of the art and future development
23 - 30 Nam C Nguyen, M Wegener and I Russell, D Cameron, D Coventry and I Cooper
Risk management strategies by Australian farmers: two case studies
31 - 42 Peter Ledger and CK Morgan
Saltbush - a case for reintroduction
43 - 52 Greg J Lee, MA Sladek, RJ Cox, RV Gordon and SA Johson
Managing staple length in fine-wool sheep using shearing interval
53- 62 Bill Malcom and M Paine
Social benefit-cost analysis of Dairy Moving Forward extension activity

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