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Charles Sturt University

Volume 3 No 1 2006

AFBM Journal

Volume 3 Number 1 - 2006

Pages Article
i - iv Contents
1 Richard Culas
Causes of farm diversification Norway model
11 Christie KM Ho, LR Malcolm, DP Armstrong and PT Doyle
A case study of changes in economic performance of an irrigated dairy farm in northern Victoria
21 Monique G Melsen, DP Armstrong, CKM Ho, LR Malcolm and PT Doyle
Case-study forty-year historical analysis of production and resource use on northern Victoria dairy farming
31 Christine Richards, CK Morgan and BJ Baldwin
Accreditation in Australian agriculture: on the right track or are the farmers lost in the maze?
39 Helen J Robinson and RJ Cox
Is there a potential for certified clean and natural beef in northeast Victoria?
51 Angela Rodriguez-Chaus, E Leon-Alvarez, Y Fonseca-Jimenez and A Labrada-Santos
Metabolic blood values and body weight effect of legume tree feeding in lactating Cuban meat sheep
57 Bill Malcolm (Memorial Lecture)
In memory of Jack Makeham: The pioneer of Farm Management in Australia
65 Research Posters Gallery

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