Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Volume 2 No 2 2005

AFBM Journal

Volume 2 Number 2 - 2005

Pages Title
i - iv Contents
96 Christie Ho, DP Armstrong, P Doyle and LR Malcolm
Impacts of changing water price and availability on irrigated dairy farms in northern Victoria
104 Sue A Johnson
Supply chain management in the lamb industry: an analysis of opportunities and limitations
110 Bill Malcom
Economics of extended lactations in dairying
122 Clive A Sefton and RJ Cox
A business performance index model that measures wealth change in Australian farm businesses
136 Nicola Shadbolt, T Kelly and C Holmes
Organic dairy farming: cost of production and profitability
146 David R Stevens, MJ Casey, CD Brown and GJ Platfoot
Improving technology uptake for whole-crop cereal silage production
158 Research Posters Gallery
  • Barb Mactaggart, J Bauer, A Rawson and D Goldney Understanding the functions of swampy meadows in the NSW Central tablelands: a prerequisite for restoration
  • Brian E Stone, D Goldney and J Bauer Detectability of the Southern Boobook Owl (Ninox novaeseelandiae) in relation to season, moon phase, time of night and weather conditions

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