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Volume 2 No 1 2005

AFBM Journal

Volume 2 Number 1 - 2005

Pages Article
i - ix Contents and Abstracts
1 George Antony, D Prestwidge, G Sandell, A Archer, P Thorburn and A Higgins
Towards farming-systems change from value-chain optimisation in the Australian sugar industry
10 Dan Armstrong, C Ho, P Doyle, B Malcolm, I Gibb and S Brown
Analysing drought impacts and recovery options by adapting a dairy farming systems modelling approach
17 Anna Barker and A Warren-Smith
A comparison of fitness between horses with different exercise history
24 Mark N Callow, N Gobius and G Hetherington
Development of profitable milk production systems for northern Australia: an analysis of intensification of current systems
38 Mark Frost and KA Parton
The role of local production and the world price in setting local wheat, wool, and beef prices
46 Ian Grange, P Prammanee and P Prasertsak
Comparative analysis of different tillage systems used in sugarcane ( Thailand)
51 Sue Hatcher and PR Johnson
Optimising genetic potential for wool production and quality through maternal nutrition
59 Christie Hoe , R Nesseler, P Doyle and B Malcolm
Future dairy farming systems in irrigation regions
69 David R Stevens , SJR Woodward and VFC Westbrooke
Developing decision-making tools for improving pasture quality on deer farms in New Zealand
75 Garry EJ Wallace and AH Samsul Huda
Using climate information to approximate the value at risk of a forward contracted canola crop
84 Research Posters Gallery

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