Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University

Volume 1 No 1 2004

AFBM Journal

Volume 1 Number 1 - 2004

Pages Article
i - ix Contents and Abstracts
1 - 5 Instructions to Authors
6 - 13 Charry AA, Murray-Prior R and Parton KA
The process of standardised refereeing of professional publications: a reference framework for the panel of referees of the AFBM Journal
14 - 27 Crockett J

The nature of farm succession in three New South Wales communities

28 - 35 Gurr G M, Wratten SD and Altieri MA
Ecological engineering: a new direction for agricultural pest management
36 - 44 Kemp DR , Girdwood J, Parton KA and Charry AA
Farm Management: Rethinking directions?
45 - 55 Malcolm LR
Farm Management analysis: a core discipline, simple sums, sophisticated thinking
56 - 71 Murray-Prior R and Wright V
Use of strategies and decision rules of Australian wool producers to manage uncertainty
72 - 83 Zhou ZY
The global feed market: Asian perspectives
84 - 92 Baldwin B
The potential for hazelnut production in Australia
93 - 99 Banks R
Rural decline and innovation: issues within issues; or what is the role for AFBM Journal?

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